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Aled Wyn ThomasWriter / Director and Editor

I’m Aled and I’ve spent the better half of the last 15 years working as an actor and writer in TV, Theatre and Film. I’ve been obsessed with films and storytelling for as long as I can remember; outside of performing, my biggest passion has always been the movies.

In 2020, what started as having a bit of fun with a camera quickly evolved into a new professional direction, combining my love for telling stories and making films, drawing upon my years of experience as a creative practitioner.

Ffilm Bach & Mawr focuses on how to craft a story through visual story telling. Our goal is to create content that is engaging and professional, which can be tailored to include all of your conceptual needs, be it commercial, documentary or fiction.


Branwen JonesProducer

Branwen is a producer who likes to develop interesting ideas or stories and work out the logistics of how they can be shared.

She can also be found assisting on second camera, sound recordist, researcher, interviewer and generally lending a hand at anything else that needs doing.